Notes On… Go Wolf

In 1995, Joan Osbourne asked “
what if God was one of us?” It’s nice to imagine, I think. And what if, just like one of us mere mortals, after a long day spent Godding about, our Lordship likes nothing more than getting home, kicking off his God shoes, popping on the kettle and putting his feet up with a nice cuppa to watch Holyoaks.

It’s a concept that Belfast trio Go Wolf (kind of) explore in recent single ‘Even God.’ A slow burner to start, it quickly becomes awash with bright melodies, spritely guitars and a slight hint of 80s atmospherics. Sweet harmonies build to its joyous, beautifully layered centrepiece; the catchy refrain of “even God gets tired sometimes.

Even God wouldn’t tire of it.

words by George Shaw

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