Notes On… Only Girl


It’s a fact, that, every single song you’ve ever loved was about love. Probably anyway. Whether it’s about losing love, unrequited love or love conquering all love – there’s a fair chance love is in there somewhere. And so it comes to pass that, ‘Mountains’, the latest track from London based Only Girl and what really should be your new favourite song, deals with just that.

Dedicated and inspired by her fiance overcoming a traumatic brain injury, the track sees Ellen Murphy teaming up with long time collaborator and producer Henry Binns (of Zero 7) once again to great effect.

It’s Murphy’s stunning voice that helps guide this R&B infused delight through its melodic majesty and lyrical anguish. Her soothing vocals soar over waves of strong, but understated beats and warm, loving piano to create a cathartic piece of pop wonderment.

A beautiful, heartfelt tribute from a track you can’t help but love.

Words by George Shaw

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