Notes On… Rhodri Brooks

There’s nothing of real beauty I could produce from a kitchen, I think. Well, apart from that one delicious Pancake Cannelloni I made that time. For that reason alone I’m incredibly impressed with Cardiff’s Rhodri Brooks, who managed to cook up a whole album of lo-fi, acoustic beauties right from his own stove. 

Amongst the album’s, handily titled ‘Kitchen’, eleven tracks features ‘Sophie’s Song.’ As suggested, this little ditty was recorded in his kitchen, and as such, there’s a certain allure and effectiveness to its rough edges.

A beautiful, homely melody, built around slow paced, delicately strummed acoustic guitars and bursts of whimsical horns, begins to form and fleetingly float along, as Rhodri’s fragile vocals creek, crackle and charm, carrying you through like a melancholy dream. It’s sweet, thoughtful and soothing and is the perfect track to ease your way into the week.

Words by George Shaw

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