Notes On… Fé

I initially came across  back in August of last year, when they first featured on this here Tipping Point blog. I was slightly blown away then by their debut release ‘Time’, which I found to be an incredibly endearing, stunning slice of summery pop. Back then, Fé were very much in their musical infancy, having not even played their first live show – making their stylish and assured debut all the more impressive.

They followed that up with the just-as-excellent ‘She Came’ later that year, before brushing up on their live show with several UK dates. Now, they’re back with their third single, and first, of hopefully many, with Generator. Unveiled early last week, ‘Turn Your Light On’ is near seven minutes of complex wonderment, continuing the well-structured, layered sounds built upon in previous singles ‘Time’ and ‘She Came.’

While it may not be appear as inviting as the immediate warmth as ‘Time’ did, this track offers something just as compelling and rewarding. Simple metallic drums kick, driving the song on from its sparse openings to its gradual spiraling, twisting descent into glorious patterns of sound. Guitars clash with strains of electronic discord, as darker, huskier reverberated vocals encourage us to “turn your light on this time.”

As mentioned ‘Turn Your Light On’ marks Fé’s first release with music development agency Generator, following in the footsteps of fellow Londoners Eliza and the Bear. The double A-side single will be out on 24thMarch, backed by another new track, ’50-50’, which will be posted on the appropriate interweb places in due course. Fé are also all set feature on the Tipping Point showcase gig at Roundhouse Rising later this month, alongside Blessa and Prides.

Words by George Shaw

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