Notes On… Yeah Boy – Can’t Get Enough (Sam Padrul remix)

It rained all day today. Absolutely hammered it down. If rain is how God shows he’s angry, then oh boy was he pissed today. It didn’t matter though. As soon as I got home from work I cranked this track all the way up and hey guess what? GOLDEN SUNSHINE RIGHT IN MY EARHOLES (and it wasn’t just the ear wax this time).

The original version of this track comes from Yeah Boy, the new project from former Parachute Youth’s man Johnny Castro. On its own ‘Can’t Get Enough’, the lead and title track from his debut ep released earlier this month, is a sweet slice of fragrant synthpop – but this Sam Padrul remix brings a whole new dimension of sound to the party. Specifically funky French disco grooves. Check it.

Words by George Shaw

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