Notes On… Jack Garratt

Water and music (probably) go hand in hand. Seemingly simplistic on the surface, with boundless hidden depths, pulling at different elements to create something new, fresh and exciting. It’s no coincidence London based Jack Garratt chose to title his latest track after the wet stuff.

The follow up to February’s frosty ‘I Couldn’t Want You Anyway’, ‘Water’ radiates a more complex warmth as it ebbs and flows like the pellucid fluid it shares its name with.

Enchanting, intoxicating guitar lines gently ripple across Water’s larger body, a compelling man made structure built around subtle electronic, downtempo R&B beats combined expertly with Garratt’s smooth, soulful rich vocal delivery. Later, sprinkles of jazz piano begin to sporadically trickle their way through understated cracks in the back beat – hinting at Atlantic ocean levels of depth and song writing maturity.

“Water wash over me” Garratt pleads in the track’s sparse opening moments, three minutes later and it’s near impossible not to feel bathed in its glorious stream. H2woah.

Words by George Shaw

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