Notes On… Rebecca Clements

Having spent the past week relaxing in the Lake District, I’ve began to become accustomed to a certain kind of wildlife. The stirring noises and bold smells of the countryside, the unruliness of unkempt fields and the rawness of its fresh air. It all combines for an experience that’s both refreshing and cathartic.

‘Wildlife’, the debut release from 19 year old Rebecca Clements, isn’t about a week spent in the countryside but they share similarities. Instead “Wildlife is a song about destructiveness – for people who aren’t compatible but unable to break free.”

Built around its stripped back, cavernous guitar, ‘Wildlife’ showcases a powerful and dramatic vocal display from the 19 year old Bristol born singer songwriter. While tracks like this can often overwhelm, where Clements succeeds is managing to carefully tread the line between rawness and the slick production of a pop hit. It’s a track burdened with emotion, weighed down by years of hurt way beyond Clements’ years. It’s stark, bold and, above all, captivatingly sincere. Like a big, glorious breath of fresh air.

Words by George Shaw

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