Notes On… GOSPEL

GOSPEL is London duo Beth Anderton-Allen & Chris Willsher. They joined forces after Chris, formally of the now disbanded Creatures of Love, went on the lookout for a singer to join his new project. Beth was found and the rest, as they say, is history. Their debut single ‘Disasters Running Wild’ is out early this month and is a glistening slab of down tempo pop.

‘Disasters Running Wild’ shudders into existence. A mechanical beat emerges, threatens to dominate almost, before it’s joined by cooling, deep synths. The whole thing is pulled dreamily together by Beth Anderton-Allen’s hypnotic vocals, entirely enthralling and bringing to mind Natasha Khan at her otherworldly Bat For Lashes best. It’s subtle, gradual layering of vocals, electronic percussion and sweet synths continues, eventually building to its haunting chorus. Captivating throughout, it reaches its almost malfunctioning end, disappearing like a beautiful blip across a stunning soundscape.

Words by George Shaw

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