Notes On… Zola Blood

By being able to mysteriously drop something as special as ‘Grace’ on an unsuspecting public, Zola Blood prove that if the music’s strong enough, nothing else matters. This enigmatic debut release is a wonderfully crafted slick slab of ambient electronica. It also just happens to be the first release on Pond Life Songs in 22 years.

It awakes with blips of bubbling synths, menacing mechanical movements staggering out of the silence. Set against cold percussion, a voice gently begins to breathe life into the track, his warm, charming tone juxtaposing against the sparse backdrop. Slowly, it all begins to unravel, as layers build gracefully and the track begins to twist and turn its way from down-tempo electronic to majestic dream-pop. Synths flutter against a murky bass, before spritely guitars pave the way to its ominous conclusion.

Words by George Shaw

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