Notes On… Polarsets

As temperatures across the UK continue to soar to Mediterranean levels of sultriness, it’s comforting to know that I don’t even have to leave my hometown to experience a slice of Spanish sol. Taking its name from the Spanish capital, Polarsets’ follow up to recent free download ‘Drive Over The River’ and first single from forthcoming debut album ‘Parasols’, glistens like the bright yellows shimmering on the horizon.

Easing in like the soft crashing of waves, lapping up against warm, golden sands, ‘Madrid’ sees the Newcastle based four-piece paint gloriously sun kissed soundscapes across a healthy slab of effervescent, tropical indie pop. Lively, spritely guitars sparkle against dynamic percussion, always gently flitting and flirting with the foreground, before allowing the drums to drive the track onwards through layers of shimmering, tropical synths. Sweet airy vocals, meanwhile, breeze pleasantly throughout, bringing to mind the carefree pop of St Lucia and Two Door Cinema Club.

Words by George Shaw

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