Notes On… COMPNY

There seems to be a recent trend across band names. While choosing a name for your musical project a few conditions must be met. A vicious view of vowels, a constant consternation of constantans and, above all, a cheerful crush on capitals, are all a must. Of course, to ensure your music gets a big a reach as possible, you must stay totally anonymous – ensuring the element of mystery and intrigue helps build your buzz.

The enigmatic COMPNY just about tick all those boxes. Thankfully, the faceless venture can back it up with the tunes to match. Take debut track, ‘Begging Me To Come Back’ a glorious slice of melancholic, tropical pop. Popical, if you will.

Dropped on an otherwise bare Soundcloud page earlier this year, ‘Begging Me To Come Back’ eases in with gentle calypso percussion that continues throughout. Slowly, but sweetly, airy sweet vocals begin to combine with flighty synths and swooping guitars as the track builds to its warming chorus. Before the track  gently drifts away, floating off into a beautifully blue calypso sky.

A wonderfully catchy and slick debut to which you’ll be begging to return to.

Words by George Shaw

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