Notes On… Marika Hackman

I’ll admit to being a bit late to Marika Hackman. It was only through accidentally stumbling on the 22 year old Londoner’s last single ‘Drown’ during a late night SoundCloud binge late last year that she first came to my attention. Thankfully, that just happened to be one of the happiest accidents I’ve had since I invented Philadelphia and strawberry jam on crumpets. Now I’m a fully fledged Marika man and am chuffed she’s about to follow that up with new single ‘Animal Fear.’

If Drown felt like being awash, sinking at the bottom of a beautifully haunting lake, Animal Fear is the trip through the deep, green eccentric and ethereal forests that preceded it. The track is taken from Marika Hackman’s forthcoming debut album, ‘We Slept At Last’ which is out next month and I’m well excited for.

Words by George Shaw

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