Notes On… Gordi

In 1995, Gordy is a little pig who hit it big.

The star and titular character of Disney’s (probably best) oft-forgotten rival to Universal Pictures classic ‘Babe’, Gordy journeyed across Missouri in a bid to rescue his piggy family from the slaughterhouse. On his travels, the piglet managed to help organize a country-wide search to find his missing family, curate a country music festival, win hearts and change lives, all while saving his swine siblings from certain sausages.

The film would be totally unmemorable, if it weren’t for Tag Team’s frankly EPIC rap, outlining the benefits of being a pig in the city. Oink, Oink, Sooie , Yippie Yo, Ki-Ya, indeed.

In 2015, Gordi is a 22 year old Sydney-ite with ambitions that stretch further than the slaughterhouses of Missouri.

She is not a pig.

Backed by an impressive knack for gorgeous electro folk pop, Electfolkpop, if you will, Gordi returns with her third single. Spoiler; it’s her best yet.

Sounding like Florence bought a Fleetwood Mac album, then used her machine to play it, had a bath and just chilled the hell out, it opens gently, with soft strums backed by raw, earthy drums. It slowly begins to build and, suddenly – subtly – it becomes a gloriously ethereal anthem to love on the brink. “Can we work it out” she repeats in the track’s haunting refrain, as the dream-like melodies and rich warm vocals delicately wash over you – eventually leaving you drenched in a hazy, bitter-sweet blend of heart-warming heartache.

It all combines to create a remarkably assured and incredibly mature sound from such a young artist so early in her career. ‘Can We Work It Out’ serves as the final taster from her hotly anticipated debut record, which is set to drop later this month.

She’s definitely not a pig.

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