Spark Undiscovered Round Up // 29th September

Every Tuesday night, myself and my new music buddy Eve, host two hours of brand, spanking new music over on Spark FM. For two hours every week we showcase some of our favourite new music. If you can’t be bothered to tune in, I’ve helpfully picked my absolute highlights from the week’s show.

Wake up your ears, it’s time for a selection of the new music making me want to dance/cry/sing/vomit.


They may well have been trying to break my heart, but London (via Sweden) rawk quartet Kid Wave have only succeeded in winning my love. The latest track to be delicately plucked from their debut record, Wonderlust, shimmers and struts with a glorious sun-drenched, lo-fi sparkle. Kid Wave, my heart is there for the taking. Please say yes.


It’s hard to imagine two artists who (kindof) share a name making as contrasting and distinctive music as the Ratboys. In Essex, Rat Boy makes cheeky, Jamie T-lite indie. Over in Chicago, however, Ratboys is a much fuzzier affair. Reminiscent of Canadian charmers Alvvays, ‘And’  is driven by sweet melodies, forceful drums and chugging guitars. It’s all beautifully pulled together by Julia Steiner’s sweet and breezy vocals, making for a memorable slice of fuzzpop.


Penis is a terrible name for a band. Peaness is only marginally better. Thankfully this slab of vibrant grunge-tinted surfpop is much better than its parents name suggests. Taken from No-Fun EP, No-One bursts in like a hyperactive kid buzzed on Sunny D and never lets up. In fact, the whole track basks in a gloriously golden glaze of the yellow stuff (Sunny D, that is (Not urine)).


If No-One comes in like that hyperactive kid, ‘Pleasure City’ struts in, like the lustful, lecherous teenager stomping through a drunken night of debauchery. The latest single from the Glasgow trio is a barging swell of distortion, sloshed riffs, scrapping guitars, all tinged with the inevitable feeling of regret. You know you’re gonna hit replay again though, yeah?


Liu Bei have been creating some effective enthralling, cinematic soundscapes for time now, but their latest track is really something special. Written as a tribute to the late, great Philip Seymour Hoffman, it’s a haunting and almost overwhelming piece of work. Gradually building in the midst of a smothering fog of gentle piano; Richard Walters delicate, fragile vocals. “Who’s going to play me now?” he cries out in the track’s heartbreaking refrain. It’s an astonishing body of work, expansive and genuinely moving.

The track will be on double a side of the new AA single, with Mind Over Matter making up the other. Released on September 25th via Famous Friends.


From the north of Norway, the effervescent songbird DAGNY. Drenched in infectious and ridiculously addictive sunny melody, ‘Backbeat’ packs a powerful pop punch. Effortlessly, she plays against the track’s thundering beat and pounding piano to make a genuine, certified pop-banger that Demi Lovato would sell her whole mug collection to get her hands on.

The best thing to come out of Norway since Ole Gunnar Solskjær. “Pick it up and tell me if you really wanna dance some more” I never want to stop man.


When you think of Funk, Soul and Disco, you think of some of the most iconic locations in music. New Orleans. Detroit. LA. Matlock.

Okay, maybe not the last one. But Derbyshire trio Patawawa are doing their best to put their hometown on the funk map. They follow up our sound of the summer ‘Back To Life‘ with this, another powerful slab of nu-disco heaven. Funk me.


Whatever is in the gloriously pure water over in Norway, I want it. Here’s is another dazzling display of sweet Scandipop, this time from duo Philco Fiction. The title track from their forthcoming album is a bewitching blend of skittering synths, surging drums and voluptuous vocals.


From Nashville, Remmi makes dreamy, electro pop backed by lush production and packed with bigger hooks than that really popular boxer’s right hand. Kinda like Haim, if Haim performed all their songs on a giant cloud, floating above the sky.


Now, this is a track to really indulge in. Dim the lights, draw the curtains and kick back with a bar of Galaxy and this luscious slab of mellow, R&B infused pop. Jones has been building a bit of buzz with previous tracks ‘Deep’ and ‘You’, but this is the stand out. Buried deep behind the subdued, seductive guitar licks and it’s snug chorus; Jones digging down through the insecurity in love. 
“I’m in danger, but I savour the thrill of you” she gently utters and suddenly you can’t help but feel the same about her.


The latest track to be taken from Kerry Leathams Roseau project is a charming, stuttering slice of futuristic pop. Full of mechanical sonic waves, Leatham’s unique colloquial delivery grounds the track – making a interesting juxtaposition between a futuristic, pioneering utopia and the quiet devastation of now. “Take me home” she asks. Ha’way then, let’s go.

That is just a selection of the music played on the show this week. For the rest, hit the playlist below. Don’t forget to tune in to Spark Sunderland every Tuesday night from 9 for more new music than you can shake your headphones at.

Remember, if you’re not listening, you’re missening.

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