News… Dream Koala Reveals New Track ‘Dimension Sleeper’

Yndi Ferreira, better known by his alias of Dream Koala, is half-French and half-Brazilian. So it only makes sense that he makes slinky R’n’B that sounds exactly like it comes from outer space. Doesn’t it?

Ferreira has been around for a little while now and his last EP – EARTH. HOME. DESTROYED – was a juggernaut of hazy, melancholic music for the twilight hours replete with mournful guitars and his own powerful voice.

He’s now gearing up to release his brand new EP, Exodus, in early December and he’s shared the first song from the three-track collection, ‘Dimension Sleeper.’ Thoroughly rich in texture, it’s a track that really sees Ferreira coming into his own vocally.

He recently told Pigeons and Planes that on this record he wanted to explore “our relationship with God, machines and the place we have in this new, synthetic era.” It’s heavy philosophical stuff, handled with a subtle R’n’B touch.

You can listen to ‘Dimension Sleeper’ below. Exodus is out on 4th December.

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