News… Watch the New Video For Findlay’s ‘Junkfood’

Step away from the burger!

Manchester-based pop songstress Findlay isn’t one to shy away from the big issues of the day and that’s no different on her latest single, ‘Junkfood.’

The clip, which premiered on Clash, is a light pop shimmy that takes a huge bite out of the food industry and its brother in arms, the beauty industry. Taking a swipe at the businesses, the video satires how advertising subliminally tells the public to look and act in a certain way, using makeup to hide their sins but eating junk food like there’s no tomorrow. Cue a chorus line of attractive women chowing down on some very unappetising looking burgers, cramming fries into their mouth and leaving a trail of half-eaten fried chicken. There’s even some shots of our heroine channelling her inner Lady Gaga in a plastic meat dress.

More harrowing though is the occasional real-life footage of factory farming of animals in between the mayhem. It put me off my dinner a bit, really…

You can watch Findlay’s video for ‘Junkfood’ below.

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