News… Cloves Shares New Track ‘Everybody’s Son’

Image: Nik Hartley

Does anybody actually like cloves? They’re oddly perfumed little things that we were made to stick into oranges at Christmas for reasons that were never explained (according to font of all truth Wikipedia they were used as a ward against infection in the 17th Century).

But Cloves is also a super-sweet singer from Melbourne (of course!) She’s gearing up to release her debut EP XIII later this month and has teased what we might expect from the collection. ‘Everybody’s Son’ is a stripped-back, minimalist ditty that gets by on some light acoustic chords. The real joy here is Cloves’ own voice, which is sensitive but with a quivering sense of power that you can’t help but think might be capable of some belters in the future.

She’s set to give a good name to the much-maligned spice.

You can listen to ‘Everybody’s Son’ below. Her XIII EP is out on 23rd November.

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