News… Oneohtrix Point Never Reveals Two-Part Video to ‘Sticky Drama’

If you’ve ever seen a video for one of Oneohtrix Point Never’s tracks then you’ll know that they sit somewhere in the middle of a triangle of being surreal, disturbing and hypnotic. In the run up to the release of his new album Garden of Delete, Daniel Lopantin, the man behind the moniker, has revealed the very long two-part video for new single ‘Sticky Drama.’

Commissioned by the Zabludowicz Collection art gallery in London, it’s an evocative and heart-stopping collaboration with Jon Rafman that centres around children and LARP (Live Action Role Playing). The result is some freaky imagery only made weirder by Lopatin’s penchant for all things off-kilter in the production department (that goes for the music too).

Watch both parts to ‘Sticky Drama’ below. Garden of Delete is out on Warp Records on 13th November.

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