News… Charles Murdoch Teams Up With Oscar Key Sung for New Track ‘Privacy’

Image: Andrew Gough

Charles Murdoch! Where’ve you been all this time? Well, the producer has spent two years hiding away with synthesisers slowly getting his debut album together but recently he’s come out of his studio for a bit to preview a couple of tracks from Point.

For his latest, ‘Privacy,’ he’s enlisted the help of Australian R’n’B singer Oscar Key Sung, who’s just polished off a tour of his home country supporting Years & Years.

Together, they’ve created a song that bathes in the warm soul of Oscar’s voice but is also fighting against the colder steel of Murdoch’s beats. Think James Blake if he had the voice of Sampha and you might conjure up something like this.

Let’s hope he’s not so private with his tunes from now on.

You can listen to ‘Privacy’ below. Point is out on 11th December via Future Classic.

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