News… Chinah Release New Single ‘Minds’

Danish trio CHINAH have already created two singles of pure yearning in ‘Away From Me’ and ‘We Go Back’ but on their latest effort ‘Minds’ they’re channelling that sense of heartbreak into a melting pot of genres that’s pretty damn arresting.

Frontwoman Fine Glindvald has some fine R’n’B tinged chops on her, giving a little bit of seductiveness and spicy quality to the wave of gushing electronica that her colleagues provide. She certainly adds a bit of extra warmth to ‘Minds,’ which is all restraint and sparse melodies in the verses but unleashes a barrage of distorted synths in the chorus.

It’s tense and operatic in its own pop-infused way. Everything good about epic Scandipop then.

Listen to ‘Minds’ below. The single is out now.

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