News… Hear The New World Champion Track ‘Shakes’

Will Campion and Julian Sudek from Sydney make up the band World Champion. World champion of what exactly? I don’t remember them being heavyweight champions of the world but maybe we missed that bit. They could potentially be world champion psych-synth players though, if their second track is anything to go by.

The duo are currently gearing up to release their debut EP on Future Classic and their debut track ‘Avocado Galaxy’ was a blast of bleeps and sultry basslines that had more than a little bit in common with Tame Impala. On the second track to be taken from the EP, ‘Shakes,’ they travel further into dreaminess with a laid-back pop approach that Jagwar Ma would be proud of.

Must be something in the water in Australia, because they can’t half make a good psych-pop tune.

You can listen to ‘Shakes’ below. Avocado Galaxy EP is out on 4th December via Future Classic.

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