News… Listen to FEMME’s New Track ‘Gold’

It’s no surprise that FEMME was recently on tour with Charli XCX, as the pair share more than a bit in common. Both are almost ludicrously good at putting together an intelligent alt. pop song that’s equal parts catchy, drowning in girly charm and a mountain of ideas not found all that often in the mainstream.

The London-based singer-producer has now released the follow up to her last single ‘High,’ ‘Gold,’ which premiered via Nylon. She said that she wrote the track “after spending many days watching ABBA videos and late nights dreaming of Shirley Bassey. The song is “about being blinded by someone’s immaculate golden veneer to the point of not realising you may not be in love at all.”

Despite the fact she loves a gold chain and hooped earring or two, all that bling isn’t distracting us from the fact that this is another song proving that FEMME could well be a chart-botherer in 2016.

Listen to ‘Gold’ blow. The single is officially out on 13th November via Tape Music.

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