News… Watch The New Video To Braids’ ‘Bunny Rose’

Alongside their counterparts Purity Ring, Canadian electronic experimentalists Braids enjoyed making futuristic sounds with odd vocal flourishes. Until this year they released their latest album Deep In The Iris and traded in the oddities for jazz tinges and classical piano.

So their third LP sounds more crisp and steely than their previous efforts. The latest single ‘Bunny Rose’ is one of the starkest and most minimal tracks they’ve ever released, and it’s now got a striking video to match. In the clip, directed by Stephen McNally, a figure made of glass runs around a city at night before finally taking a more solid form at dawn.

It’s simple but effective stuff, much like the band’s latest output.

Watch the video for ‘Bunny Rose’ below. Deep In The Iris is out now via Arbutus. The band are also on tour in the UK this month, so check their website for details.

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