News… Frankie Cosmos Releases New Song ‘Young’

Frankie Cosmos isn’t really called Frankie Cosmos – her name is actually Greta Kline and she’s got famous actors for parents. Look it up on your search engine of choice, you’ll see.

Why bring this up? Because having a bit of an odd upbringing and being cast into the public eye is the underlying inspiration behind her latest track ‘Young.’ It’s taken from the follow up EP to her impressive DIY debut Zentropy, Fit Me In, and was apparently one of the first things she wrote after her life and music became more open to scrutiny.

Produced almost entirely by herself, the two-minute track is a little treatise on anxiety and societal pressure. It’s a single for anyone who’s ever tried their bet to fit in but just can’t conform no matter what they do. Perfect tune for us then.

Listen to ‘Young’ below. Fit Me In is out on 13th November.

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