News… Kate Edwards Shares Debut Single ‘Every Key’

Image: Sam Wall

After saying goodbye to her former moniker Agerskow earlier in the year with the beautiful ‘Postcards From Whitby,’ Newcastle-based multi-instrumentalist Kate Edwards is back with another mature and thoughtful ballad, ‘Every Key.’

Built on a simple yet melancholic piano melody, Kate channels her major influences of Sufjan Stevens and Elbow into its short three minutes, gradually building up the instrumentation into a tense and emotional finale. She even gets a bit of cheeky autoharp in at the end, meaning I can crack open the comparisons to Julia Holter.

With Kate’s sensitive vocals and wordplay attached, it’s a humble introduction to her work and a small taste of what to expect from her new, more personal incarnation. The single is out on 4th December, with an as-yet-unheard B-side, ‘Sticky Strawberry Blood.’

Listen to ‘Every Key’ below.

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