News… Listen to ‘Forget That’ by CALAPSE

Reed Benjamin from Durham, North Carolina, makes crystalline electronic music under the name CALAPSE. It drifts along like the waves and is thoroughly dreamy, with a very hushed whisper of the word “forget” occasionally floating along its contemplative melody.

So there’s something a bit deeper lurking under there that makes ‘Forget That’ more than just a casual chillout tune. Reed said: “For me the song feels vulnerable, melancholy, and yet whimsical and wide-eyed. I wrote the song to reflect feelings of uncertainty of where my life was at the time, and used it as a vehicle to urge myself to look forward,”

The song is the opening track from the producer’s recently released debut album, You Know How I Feel, which you can download on Ounce Music’s Bandcamp now.

Listen to ‘Forget That’ below.

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