News… Watch This Gorgeous Video To Beatsofreen’s ‘Slow Rising’

Excuse me for a moment while I just contemplate this bit of majestic animation…

… Okay, digestion over. Dutch producer Beatsofreen recently released his new LP Full Circle, an album four years in the making that’s guaranteed to be a winner for any lovers of Jamie xx or Lone. The warm and sumptuous instrumental track ‘Slow Rising’ has been given some very special treatment with a ridiculously detailed and mesmerising video from Hideki Inaba.

Inaba’s video has a microbiological theme filled with colour, sharp lines and slightly odd creatures set against an intergalactic backdrop.

He says, in a very philosophical manner: “Slowly Rising suggested to me the image of the sun. A seed was born beneath the sun, the source of all existence. The seed absorbed the light, it created more seeds lie itself, gradually increasing in number. Time passed, but still their numbers slowly continued to rise, and before long they were quietly swallowed up by their own shadows. After everything that had lived had perished, nothing but an empty world remained. There, once again, an environment where the next living things could grow silently began to spread.”

Watch the video to ‘Slow Rising’ below. Full Circle is out now on King Deluxe.

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