Notes On… George Cosby

Having impressed with his broody debut ‘Ritual Blush’, Londoner George Cosby returns with a more chilling affair. Stripped back to just booming, reverb-drenched guitars, the mesmerising rawness of his devastatingly bitter-sweet vocal takes centre stage – piercing through dark and delicate atmospherics, almost offering light and salvation in the bloody scars of love lost.

Cosby’s soulful, yet melancholic vocals are reminiscent of another George. Much like his namesake Ezra, there’s a rich, deep blues rooted tone to his voice, however there’s something altogether more eerie happening here. It’s the sound of George Ezra, if he spent his days wandering round, trapped, haunted and at the mercy of a ghostly apparition.

Perhaps that ghostly apparition takes the form of an ex lover. Lyrically, he beautifully weaves a heartfelt and poignant tale of broken relationships into the mournful guitars. “I hope one day we can start it again” he pleads, as the track reaches its foreboding conclusion. You begin to get the feeling this is something that George, or you, won’t shake off easily.

‘Vacant Grace’ is the second track to be taken from Cosby’s forthcoming Human Touch EP, due out on the 20th November.

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