News… CERA Release New Track ‘Motions’

A couple of months ago, Nicolette and Jake, the team behind CERA, unveiled their debut track ‘Another Way You Want It,’ a confident and sultry number that would probably play at 4am during the hazy walk home from the club.

Skip forward about sixty days and the pair have shared their second track, a glitzy alt. pop tune under the ‘Motions.’ Nicolette’s vocals are as sumptuous as ever, gliding over the warped bass and glistening synths delicately but with a brassy swagger. Whereas their previous effort had an R’n’B flavour, this one sees the pair embracing a slightly more abrasive synth sound while still maintaining a distinctive sound.

They’re not just going through the motions on this one (geddit?)

Listen to ‘Motions’ below. The track is available as a free download from the band’s Soundcloud page.

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