News… Flamingosis Unveils Funk-Filled New Track ‘Riding The L’

Aaron Velasquez’s father invented a Frisbee move. Not just any old Frisbee move – a freestyle Frisbee movie.

That move was called the Flamingosis, and while we’re not really sure how to pull one off with our flying discs (or indeed how to do anything with our Frisbees outside of Wii Golf) we’re sure that all that freestyle action seeped into Aaron Velsaquez’s mind when he started making delicious beats inspired by J Dilla and Flying Lotus.

For his latest track ‘Riding The L,’ he’s created a funk-inspired jam that’s got a seriously sensuous bass line and threatens to destroy the planet with its effortlessly cool vibes. Channelling jazz and soul, the instrumental is the perfect soundtrack to your casual ride on New York’s mass transit system.

Listen to ‘Riding the L’ below.

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