News… The New Tarot Share New Single ‘Tell Me You Like Me’

Sisters Monika and Karen Walker like rock and they like synthpop. So they took their loud synthrock sound to the subways of Brooklyn and formed their band The New Tarot.

They only just released their second EP Stella! last month but they’re not one to rest on their laurels and are already treating us to brand new music, this time in the form of ‘Tell Me You Like Me.’ There’s a driving brass section forming the foundation to this track, and singer Monika rattles through a collection of lyrics that takes a look at how social media has turned us all into a bunch of narcissists. Steady on, I only look in the mirror sixteen times a day. That’s normal, isn’t it?

Nevertheless, it’s a blissful stomp and we’re not complaining that they’re releasing new music after such a short time.

You can listen to ‘Tell Me You Like Me’ below. Stella! is out now.

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