News… Eves The Behaviour Shares New Track ‘Girl’

Image: David Goh

Brisbane singer-songwriter Hannah Karydas, better known as Eves The Behaviour, is, like many young women, confused. She’s confused about the mixed messages we get in the media every day about how women should look and act and whether feminism is going through a crisis.

So, in response, she’s done what she does best and written a song about it. ‘Girl’ deals directly with the pressures on women growing up in today’s society with a dark electronic backdrop.

Explaining the themes behind the song, Karydas had this to say on her Tumblr page: “There’s a sort of unprecedented darkness that’s brewing over modern feminism. A new beast that needs tackling. I refuse to believe I’m being old fashioned in saying that it comes out of the widening jaw of social media. Because I don’t write this from an arms length away… most days I feel like I am being swallowed whole. I am growing up with very confused ideas of how to look and behave as a young woman. I’m terrified of growing up not knowing how to feel good about myself. And Im terrified that other girls are in the same situation.”

You can listen to ‘Girl’ below.

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