News… Grace Sees Has A Dramatic New Video For ‘Fade To Grey’

This definitely isn’t a cover of the 80s hit by Visage.

This ‘Fade To Grey’ is by Essex-born and London-based singer Grace Sees, who has been working with producers Jules Apollinaire and Michael Fangous to create epic, dramatic electronic pop. The very bold synth and beats on this first cut from her upcoming EP are foreboding and atmospheric, and while Grace’s voice may tow the line between pop diva and Essex twang, it’s certainly unique and gripping.

‘Fade To Grey’ isn’t pulling any punches and its video is just as strikingly dramatic as the song it’s attached itself to. Shot in a moody black and white along the Devon coastline. Grace is seen wandering through the woods and looking contemplatively out to sea as well as visiting all manner of graveyards and religious monuments. It’s a bit like an early Madonna video but less raunchy and more moody.

Watch the video for ‘Fade To Grey’ below.

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