News… Taliwhoah Unveils Brand New Song ‘Lost In The Sauce’

Rapper Gucci Mane came up with a phrase that’s become increasingly popular as a motivational saying in certain circles: “If you ain’t got no sauce you lost but you can also get lost in the sauce.” Its a phrase that London-born, Los Angeles-based artist Taliwhoah takes to heart on her latest tune.

Taken from her upcoming project The New Wave Order, ‘Lost In The Sauce’ is a laid-back and minimalist number that combines the simplicity and hook-laden nature of trap music with Taliwhoah’s own gentle vocals. Her voice is a soothing R’n’B presence against a beat that owes something to the warped sensibilities of trip-hop and a disturbing altered vocal that repeats the song’s title.

A hip hop tune for the twilight hours, it’s hard not to get lost in Taliwhoah.

Listen to ‘Lost In The Sauce’ below.

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