News… Watch The Video For Bernard + Edith’s ‘Crocodile’

Manchester duo Bernard + Edith don’t really like it when geezers start hitting on young women at the club. Their latest single ‘Crocodile,’ taken from their debut album Jem, is a lyrically biting song in the off-kilter mould of Dirty Projectors that tells the tale of predatory older men hassling a young woman while she’s trying to have a good time on the town. With its psych-infused tune and twinkly synths, the melody contrasts against the cutting narrative startlingly.

Now ‘Crocodile’ has a stunning new video directed by Liam Healy, but the shoot was fraught with a bit of danger. They told Fader, who premiered the video, that “we were filming in a rock lagoon by a beach, when the tide came in without anyone noticing. The water cut us off from any way of getting out of there so we had to climb barefoot, half-naked up a 20 foot rock face. It was terrifying. One slip and someone could have been in serious trouble.”

Luckily, no musicians were harmed in the making of this hypnotic clip.

You can watch the video for ‘Crocodile’ below. Jem is out now on Bella Union.

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