News… WOOF. Releases New Track ‘Tremor’

Kelan Bonislawski, we salute your prolific nature. In music, anyway.

It’s only been a month since Montclair, New Jersey native Bonislawski – under his alias WOOF. – unveiled ‘Nothing To Say’ and his album Bad Connection but he’s already back with new music in the form of ‘Tremor.’ Like much of Bonislawski’s work it’s a voyage into psych territory that could easily soundtrack some kind of bad drug trip (we imagine).

‘Tremor’ takes cues from two of Kelan’s major influences, Beck and Mac DeMarco, in its unusual structure and slacker mentality, but also borrows from early Tame Impala with its warped vocals. By the end of the all-too-short track things descend into a barrage of scuzzy riffs.

It’s another perfectly formed 90s nostalgia bomb.

You can listen to ‘Tremor’ below. WOOF.’s album Bad Connection is out now.

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