News… Zooz Have Released Two New Free Tracks

Here’s a classic case of slacker by name but not by nature (that’ll be a thing soon, honest).

East Londoners KJ and MJD – better known under their moniker Zooz – released two new, totally free and completely engrossing tracks on their Soundcloud yesterday. Over the past year the pair have been releasing a slew of West Coast-inspired surf pop, which culminated in the Surf In Stereo EP.

Their latest efforts ‘Stupid and Dirty’ and ‘Holiday From The Norm’ thankfully don’t deviate from what makes Zooz great: a slacker mentality that also draws on a range of indie subgenres in a melting pot of musical fondue goodness that you’ll be surprised came out of the Big Smoke rather than somewhere in California.

Listen to ‘Stupid and Dirty’ and ‘Holiday From The Norm’ below and download them for free on Zooz’s Soundcloud page.

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