News… DZZ’s ‘Build Me’ Is The Latest In The Secret Songs Series

Ryan Hemsworth’s Secret Songs series has been highlighting some of the world’s more underground electronic cuts for some time, picking up on emerging artists ranging from experimental to pop. His latest pick comes from DZZ, a producer making beats revolving around an anime character known as Saigo. He says of ‘Build Me,’ the song chosen to be part of the series: “Saigo is a fictional character in my music who falls in love with you but dies later on. I wanted to make a song showing her creation and her dreams. sorta like a prelude I guess.”

‘Build Me’ is a warped slice of pop that takes in its Japanese influences in some bubblegum melodies but also takes some inspiration from early 2000s R’n’B thanks to some smooth production. It’s a definite grower that’s like the soundtrack to Ghost In The Shell if it actually cheered up a bit.

Listen to ‘Build Me’ below and download it here.

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