News… Frøkedal Shares Lead Track From new Album, ‘Kid’

Image: Julia Marie Naglestad

A short while back, Norwegian singer-songwriter Frøkedal released a short EP called I See You. It was a pleasant little collection of folk-tinged musings that were simple and warm. Skip forward a couple of months and, set to release her debut LP proper next year, she’s changed her sound to something a bit frostier.

On the lead track from Hold On Dreamer, she doesn’t completely do away with the folk aesthetic (there’s some lovely wavering guitars that dance in and out of the melody) but she does pick up a synth or two to add a heavier percussive element and a chilly electronic flavour. The overall result is a track that introduces the new and improved Frøkedal and sets up what we can except from her first long-player.

You can listen to ‘Kid’ below; it’s out on 13th November. Frøkedal’s debut album Hold On Dreamer comes out on 26th February 2016 on Propeller Recordings.

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