News… Heart/ Dancer Unveil Their New Single ‘Under’

Image: Isabell Kirstina

Gothenburg duo Linnea Atieno and Joakim Buddee have been steadily producing a stream of music as Heart/Dancer on their Soundcloud page for over a year and, since they come from that landmass known as Scandanavia, it’s predictably wonderful. The pair are preparing to release their new album My Heart Is A Dancer on 27th November, and have released ‘Under’ as an R’n’B-inflected slab of goodness as a teaser track.

In an interview with Poule D’Or, they said: “Mostly it’s about strong emotions that we want to translate to music… A lot of times we’re inspired of other people’s songs, we listen a lot to all sorts of music. But that’s emotions too, everything is carrying some sort of feeling. It’s all about finding the right ones and expressing that in the right way.”

You can listen to ‘Under’ below. My Heart Is A Dancer is out on 27th November via Sommarhjarta.

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