News… NZCA Lines Reveals Video For ‘Persephone Dreams’

It seems like too long since Michael Lovett released his debut album under the moniker NZCA Lines. That album had a cacophony of concepts beautifully arranged into ten tracks, with flecks of Ryuichi Sakamoto and tour-partners Metronomy fused together like a wonderful metamorphic rock. Now he’s gearing up to release his sophomore effort Infinite Summers in January and it’s already shaping up to be pretty good (obviously).

Lead track ‘Persephone Dreams’ is grand in scale and not exactly lacking in the ideas department. What starts as a casual electronic jam soon descends into a medley of steel drums and guitar riffs that  take Lovett’s project to the next level. The track has been lingering around the cosmos for about a month now but it’s finally been grounded by a video directed by Alina Landry-Rancier. It’s a clip that personifies Persephone as she goes to the club (as Greek goddesses do) and meets Roman, a sweet man who can’t resist her charms. Unfortunately, Persephone has a dark secret. Literally, a dark secret.

Try and resist its pull, but we know it’s hard.

Watch the video to ‘Persephone Dreams’ below. Infinite Summers is out on 22nd January.

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