News… The Derevolutions Launch New Track ‘My Miserlou’

For some time, Bostonians The Derevolutions were putting out a very solid stream of music every few weeks on their Soundcloud page, producing a long line of singles that were bouncy, filled with energy and crammed with ideas from the furthest reaches of pop. But, after releasing a couple of reworked tracks and a cover of ‘Monster Mash’ for Halloween 2014, they went curiously quiet. After being treated to their songs for such a long time, suddenly not having them around was a bit like losing a limb.

Luckily though, they briefly re-emerged in September to put out an album teaser in September and have just shared a new cut, ‘My Miserlou’ on their Soundcloud page.There’s a bit of mood whiplash happening here as the group have taken on a darker tone to the bubblegum alt.pop they were producing last year, with moody classical guitar and muted vocals. Despite this, it still shimmers with invention and suggests that there’s more to the band than just the buoyant tunes that have characterised their previous releases. If this is anything to go by, then we can expect a more nuanced and diverse new album from the trio.

Listen to ‘My Miserlou’ below.

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