News… Astronomyy Shares New Song ‘Something About U’

If you wanted to know what happens when you put surf guitars and club beats into a super collider, this is it.

Astronomyy has pretty much been perfecting a wondrous brand of urban surf unlike any other for the past year. His When I’m With U EP was a superb collection that fused together jaunty surf stylings with the swagger of Drake (as well as the sultry tones of Denai Moore). And who’s have thought that it would work so well?

Now he’s back, finally gearing up to release his first full-length album that he’s recorded at his own Lunar Surf studios in Worcestershire. ‘Something About U’ is a minimalist club track that contains a small dusting of Astronomyy’s signature guitar flair to add a bit of frisson to the 90s-inspired jam. With some fuzzy handclaps, a languid melody and a layering of classics beats, it might well be the tune that helps him break into the mainstream.

Listen to ‘Something About U’ below.

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