News… Bad Sounds Share New Track ‘Avalanche’

So when London duo Bad Sounds released their last track ‘I Feel’ just a month ago, we thought that it might have been another half a year before they’d put another song out. How wrong we were; the pair are already back with another slice of 70s-inspired lo-fi goodness in the form of ‘Avalanche.’

The track certainly sounds like the musical representation of an avalanche. Beginning with a soft and sweet melody, it quickly tumbles in a mountain of fuzzy reverb and keyboards that sweeps away everything in its path. More pop than psych, it’s got a chorus that’s as memorable as a vicious snowstorm. It’s even got an ever-shifting narrative that relays a number of stories ending in death and tragedy, giving it a seriously unsettling feeling.

Hopefully ‘Avalanche’ is a signal of a flurry f new music to come from the band.

Listen to ‘Avalanche’ below.

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