News… Saltwater Sun Release ‘Wild’ EP Tomorrow

If you’re looking for a guitar band to get exited about in 2016, Saltwater Sun might be pretty high on the list. After releasing a short strings of tracks this year, they’re releasing their debut EP Wild tomorrow. And it’s a warm blast of sunshine on a cold November day.

Comparisons to Wolf Alice will be unavoidable – they’re a band fronted by a woman with a feminine voice – but putting Saltwater Sun next to the grunge golden kids seems a little bit reductive. On this record they may have some scuzzy riffs but they also have beautifully formed melodies and more than a bi of an interest in synthpop. They sound more like a cross between Haim and MGMT, which can’t be a bad thing. The title track of the EP in particular is an effortless slice of power pop that’s sunny but with a biting narrative at its centre (frontwoman Jennifer says its about how her own flaws have sometimes led to her letting people down).

If you need a burst of joy in your life then look no further.

Listen to ‘Wild’ below. You can hear the Wild EP on their Soundcloud page and it comes out officially tomorrow.

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