News… Doe Cover Weezer For Latest Art Is Hard 7″ Handcut Record Series

Weezer covers: they’re a long-standing tradition with the people at Art Is Hard. For as long as they’ve been putting together the 7″ Handcut Record Series, the label has been asking bands to put out their own versions of songs by Rivers Cuomo and co. They’ve already had Pinact and Keel Her tackle the group’s pantheon and this time it’s the turn of Doe, who are taking on ‘Susanne.’

After slipping the song into many of their live sets, Art Is Hard were impressed enough to let the group put their bombastic vision of the song on to record. It’s one of the most abrasive and in-your-face cuts from the series for some time, an electric jolt of raw power and scuzzy guitars with an alternative female perspective on the song that gives it an added, jarring edge. If your coffee hasn’t quite woken you up this morning, this’ll get you up and moving in no time.

Listen to ‘Susanne’ below.

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