News… Lostboycrow Unveils New Track ‘Talk Back To Me’

If you judge a book by its cover, you might think that Los Angeles-based Lostboycrow could be a sensitive singer-songwriter type, possibly with an acoustic guitar and a slightly Sam Smith-esque voice. Well, you’d be sort of right. In a way. He does have a fragile yet touching falsetto voice and he can be sensitive, but despite the fact he loves a walk in the meadows and the woods, he also likes to make glittering electronic music.

On his latest track ‘Talk Back To Me,’ he’s created another shimmering slice of pop and R’n’B tinged electronica that’s swooning and chaotic in equal measure. He told Pigeons and Planes, where the track premiered: “Wherever there is strong, genuine feeling—be it anger, euphoria, sadness, desire—there is vulnerability. ‘Talk Back To Me’ is about experiencing all the above with someone so quickly due to the circumstance. It’s about needing. The art of seduction and the pain of unrequited love.”

Listen to ‘Talk Back To Me’ below.

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