News… She Makes War Reworks ‘Slow Puncture’ For Disarm:15

Five years ago, Laura Kidd released a collection of songs under the name She Makes War that were bold and often brilliant. She’s now chosen a small batch of the tracks and is giving them a bit of a makeover to reflect how she’s changed as an artist over the past half a decade in Disarm:15. One of those tracks is ‘Slow Puncture.’ Once an acoustic tune with some gothic vibes, it’s now become a layered and haunting piece of power pop.

Kidd explained why she wanted to remodel some of the songs: “I’ve played about 400 gigs since I recorded my first album, so I wanted to approach the songs I’ve been touring for the last five years with a fresh perspective – I selected the ones that feel the most resonant to me now and the ones I knew would benefit most from a bit of wisdom and hindsight.”

While there won’t be long to wait until a new She Makes War album (Direction of Travel is out early next year), the reworking of ‘Slow Puncture’ and other songs will keep any fan happy with its testament to Kidd’s versatility as an artist.

Listen to the reworked ‘Slow Puncture’ below. Disarm:15 is out on 4th December.

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