News… The Anchoress Teams Up With Paul Draper On ‘You And Only You’

Image: Isabella Charlesman

After having everything possible thrown into her path, seemingly blocking her way to a music career, Catherine Anne Davies – aka The Anchoress – will finally be releasing her debut album Confessions of a Romance Novelist on 8th January. She’s already seen momentum building with her previous singles ‘Popular’ and ‘One For Sorrow,’ but continues to tease the LP.

So the latest in the long line of releases comes in the form of a collaboration with Paul Draper, better known as the talismanic frontman of Mansun, who also co-produced the album with Davies. This was the only song on the album that she wrote entirely on the guitar (she wasn’t able to play the piano because of a serious hand injury that meant she had to wear a special metal cast). It continues much of Davies’ work deconstructing what’s actually normal about romance and modern love, and Draper’s distinctive and operatic wails accompany her voice and composition beautifully.

Listen to ‘You And Only You’ below. Confessions of a Romance Novelist is out on 8th January.

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