News… Ephemerals Share Brighton Session Version of ‘Howl’

Mournful. That’s probably the best way of describing Ephemerals’ alternate version of their track ‘Howl.’ Actually, using one word probably doesn’t do justice to the cut from their second album Chasin Ghosts. Really, this version of ‘Howl’ is like an old Hollywood noir. It evokes images of the sky at dusk, with smoke billowing across the rooftops at the end of a cold winters’ day and a private detective is taking the last puff of his cigarette.

It’s smooth and jazzy, like much of the band’s output in general. When this post goes up it’ll be about 5pm and if you’re driving home in the car, it happens to be raining and you’re surrounded by water-blurred streetlamps, listening to this on repeat might make you feel like you’ve stepped on to an alternative set for Taxi Driver.

And since it’s a totally free download there’s no excuse not to indulge in it.

Listen to the alternate version of ‘Howl’ below. Chasin Ghosts is out now.

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